2019 State of the Union Address: America Stands


The State of the Union address offers you and every U.S. citizen a chance to hear directly from our president—no spin doctors, lobbyists or news media. You’ll hear what President Trump’s 2019 goals are and where our country is headed in the coming year.

This year, KCM provided live coverage of this momentous event—in the spirit of faith! See the State of the Union address in the video below.

America Stands’ faith perspective made our coverage unique. Our expert hosts and guests provided lively, faith-focused commentary and prayer. We examined the president’s goals, his message and the state of our country in light of the Word—the truest measure of success.



Pastor George Pearsons              Pastor Terri Pearsons                      Col. Allen West


Pas   Buddy Pilgrim                            Dr. Gene Bailey                             Steve Strang

Pa    Greg Stephens

Watch the 2019 State of the Union coverage in the spirit of faith here: 


JESUS IS LORD over America!