Live Election Coverage – First Democratic Presidential Primary Debate

The 2020 election is heating up fast, as the first Democratic presidential debate featuring 20 presidential hopefuls, took place June 26-27, 2019, in Miami, Fla. This is the first of several primary debates that will happen this year, as the Democrats seek to choose who will face President Trump in the 2020 presidential election. Highlighting… Read More

Why You Should Pray for Politicians You Disagree With

Welcome to the minefield…the political minefield, that is. If you’ve spent any time watching the primetime news or sitting across from a family member who opposes your political views, you know how quickly the conversation can turn contentious. Tempers can flare, voices can raise, and love—along with your Christian witness—can evaporate like mist in a… Read More

WATCH: Faith for Our Nation—Vote According to the Bible Broadcasts

Join George Pearsons, Keith Butler and Buddy Pilgrim, July 2-6, 2018, on the Believer’s Voice of Victory broadcast as they share the importance of voting according to the Bible in the upcoming primaries and midterm elections. When you stand in faith for your nation, you’ll reap the rewards! You won’t want to miss this vital… Read More

These 35 Senate Seats Are Open in the 2018 Election!

Which senate seats are up for grabs in the 2018 midterm election? Below is a listing of states that represent the 35 open senate seats, including the special elections for Minnesota and Mississippi. Arizona California Connecticut Delaware Florida Hawaii Indiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota (2) Mississippi (2) Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Jersey New… Read More

Midterm Elections: See Which Key Races are Up for Grabs

This year, American voters will elect key positions in government—locally, statewide and nationally. And because this year is a midterm election, history tells us that voter turnout will be much less than that of the general election. Statistically, less than 40% of eligible voters are likely to turn out. Imagine what believers could do to… Read More