Midterm Elections: See Which Key Races are Up for Grabs


This year, American voters will elect key positions in government—locally, statewide and nationally. And because this year is a midterm election, history tells us that voter turnout will be much less than that of the general election. Statistically, less than 40% of eligible voters are likely to turn out.

Imagine what believers could do to the spiritual and political climate in this country if they would only unite for biblical principles! Just look at the positions that are at stake:

  • 33 U.S. senators
  • 435 U.S. representatives
  • 36 governors
  • and key positions like lieutenant governor, attorney general, judges, members of the state boards of education and more.

The decisions these elected officials make will impact our nation, our states, our schools, our taxes and our international policies—including those relating to Israel. It’s imperative that every American believer commits to going to the polls and taking a stand.

Are you ready?

Texas will hold the first primary on March 6. Other states will follow throughout the spring and summer.

To help voters navigate this charged political season, America Stands is here for you! Join us for a LIVE show where we will:

  • highlight the importance of these 2018 elections
  • take a closer look at key issues that will be decided by the contested positions, and
  • reveal which pivotal races can be won or lost depending on the vigilance of the Body of Christ.

Join us for…

Primary Elections: What Christians Need to Know

Hosted by: Tim Fox, Greg Stephens and Buddy Pilgrim

Tuesday, March 6 at 7 p.m. CT

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Now is the time to discover what you need to know to make an educated, wise and informed decision about these races. Mark your calendar today and share with your friends, family, church and community so no one misses out.

Your vote counts. Discover what you need to know with us!