Debate Follow Up: What Was Barely Mentioned and Why This One Issue Makes Your Decision Easy

If you watched the first Democratic presidential debate last week, you saw the candidates hotly debate issues such as the economy, immigration, health care and racism. However, there was one issue that was not debated much at all. What was it? Abortion. The abortion issue is a fiercely debated topic among Americans, but when it… Read More

Live Election Coverage – First Democratic Presidential Primary Debate

The 2020 election is heating up fast, as the first Democratic presidential debate featuring 20 presidential hopefuls, took place June 26-27, 2019, in Miami, Fla. This is the first of several primary debates that will happen this year, as the Democrats seek to choose who will face President Trump in the 2020 presidential election. Highlighting… Read More

Why You Should Pray for Politicians You Disagree With

Welcome to the minefield…the political minefield, that is. If you’ve spent any time watching the primetime news or sitting across from a family member who opposes your political views, you know how quickly the conversation can turn contentious. Tempers can flare, voices can raise, and love—along with your Christian witness—can evaporate like mist in a… Read More